We are all unique when it comes to our bodies and how we look
in feeling inspired in our own ways as we move through the journey of life..

Unique in sensing that there is something more we can BE and want to BE.
The stresses of every day living need not be what we have become

At Be Cosmetic Clinics we do not promote surgery as an answer,
or the pursuit of aesthetic ideals as a solution.

We promote the means to be you - the very best version of yourself. A positive step to taking control of how you look and being happy with how you look.

Your well-being is our raison d’etre for being.

Here at Be Cosmetic Clinics, our mantra is: Comfort, Care, Confidence, at all times.

When considering cosmetic intervention there is a lot to think about - the doctor’s qualifications, experience and areas of specialism, their ethics, their reputation, and the continuity of care and aftercare.

Our team of specialists is led by Dr Hassan Nurein, a member of both the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons.

Dr Nurein’s continuous drive for clinical excellence and meticulous approach to his work are key to patient satisfaction at Be Cosmetic Clinics, where we focus on helping you achieve the best possible results.

Be Cosmetic Clinics is registered with The Care Quality Commission.

Introduction to Be Cosmetic Clinics


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